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Our Philosophy of Education:

Our philosophy of education promotes active learning in children and nurtures the development of the while child.  Our daily activities are planned with the intent of helping children grow in five developmental areas: physical, social-emotional, cognitive, creative, and spiritual development.  We believe there must be a good balance of both child-directed and teacher-directed activities with the ultimate goal of reaching every child at their current level of learning.  We want children to develop autonomy, self-esteem and have the ability to make their own decisions.  However, we realize it is our responsibility to prepare children for academic success and give them the tools needed to communicate and function in society.  We are a Christian school and therefore our curriculum includes Bible stories that are used to develop positive character traits in children.  Furthermore, we practice prayer within the classroom, attend weekly chapel, and celebrate Christian holidays.


Open Arms is pleased to use the Creative Curriculum System.  Nationally known for its forward-thinking, rigorously researched model, The Creative Curriculum has been trusted for decades by early childhood educators within classrooms across the country.  It focuses on meeting the needs of individual children while honoring and respecting the role that teachers play in making learning engaging and meaningful for every child.  The curriculum is designed to support learning and development for children in the areas of social-emotionally, physically, and language development, as well as learning in literacy and mathematics.  Activities are individualized to meet the strengths, needs, and abilities of every child within the classroom.  The curriculum also enables the teacher to scaffold each child’s learning, ensuring that each activity is meaningful for every child.

5pt focus


Open Arms is committed to partnering with our parents as their child grows throughout our program.  Throughout the year, we actively assess each child, notating his/her progress. Currently, we utilize the GOLD assessment tool through Creative Curriculum.   GOLD is an assessment system that helps teachers be intentional in their teaching by accurately pinpointing where children are in their development and learning. It's a teacher-friendly, easy-to-understand approach to observation, documentation, portfolio-building, and reporting--the essential components of a high-quality assessment system.